I have all models except those marked with an * asterisk and I am looking for each of them and have some swaps.

This is all I have personally found and collected the Winter of 2016. If you know of anything I've missed please let me know especially with a photo.
Undoubtedly there are other makers who have made Bristol or Bristol engined models. Collecting these models can be a very expensive exercise, so the best of luck!

At the bottom of these lists I have given all the current details I have on the various makers and producers. If you have any more info, or models for sale, please let me know.



Lansdowne / John Roberts ModifiedCreamNo. 6 of 10
Lansdowne ModelsRedFrequently appear on EBAY - Deleted from Range Jan 2009
Lansdowne ModelsBlack2009 replacement for Red model - also on EBAY
Lansdowne / John Roberts ModifiedMedium RedA one-off repaint
Lansdowne / John Roberts ModifiedMedium BlueA one-off repaint
Lansdowne / John Robert ModifiedWhiteA repaint
Lansdowne ModelsKensington BlueFrom a limited number produced for Bristol Cars Ltd.
Mikansue ModelsLight BlueOriginally Sold as a White metal Kit
Mikansue ModelsTwo Tone Red & CreamOriginally Sold as a White metal Kit
Mikansue ModelsGreenOriginally sold as a White metal Kit
Mikansue ModelsBlueOriginally sold as a White metal Kit
Mikansue ModelsBrownOriginally sold as a White metal Kit
RAE ModelsWhite/CreamFactory built
RAE ModelsLight BlueFactory Built
Merlyn ModelsCreamNothing is known about Merlyn
Matrix ModelsLight BlueA Quality Model
Lansdowne/J. RobertsGreenA colour variation by John Roberts
Lansdowne/J. RobertsWhiteA colour variation by John Roberts
Lansdowne/J. RobertsLight BlueA colour variation by John Roberts
Tevor WilliamsUnpaited kitGreenOne of Trevor Williams Early Kits


TW CollectionsUnassembledWhite metal kit No. 158
Pathfinder ModelsBlueFinished model 600 only made - now defunct
Pathfinder ModelsRedFinished model 600 only made - now defunct
Big River ModelsSilverWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsGoldWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsWhiteWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsDark GreenWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsDark GreyWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsRedWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsMid BlueWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsDark BlueWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsLight GreenWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Big River ModelsMaroonWell made and very similar to the Pathfinders
Neo ModelsGrey MetallicReady Built Model No. 45485
Neo ModelsRedReady Built - limited edition of 300 in Red
Neo ModelsDark GreenReady Built Model No. 45486
Neo ModelsBlueReady Built Model No. 45487
Neo ModelsBlackReady Built Model No. ??????
Neo ModelsGreenReady Built Model No. 45487
Neo ModelsGoldA colour oddity not explained minus front bumper blades


TW CollectionsMid/Light BlueAssembled & Painted White Metal kit No. 159
TW CollectionsCreamAssembled & Painted White Metal kit No. 159
TW Collectionsunpainted kitA Trevor Williams early kit
Matrix ModelsMetallic Light BlueReady Built Model


Cheshire ModelsBlackSupplied Built
Cheshire Models *Brewster GreenSupplied Built
TW Collections *Unpainted1953 403 White Metal Kit No. 158
Neo ModelsBlueReady Built Model No. ??????


TW Collections - DropheadunpaintedRare White metal kit No. 245
TW Collections - CoupeunpaintedRare White metal kit No. 235
Big River ModelsGoldThis was the first finished model ever produced of a 404
Big River ModelsDark GreenThis was the first finished model ever produced of a 404
Big River ModelsDark BlueThis was the first finished model ever produced of a 404
Big River ModelsMid BlueThis was the first finished model ever produced of a 404
Big River ModelsCreamAnother Colour variation
Big River ModelsMetallic GreyAnother Colour variation
Big River ModelsWhiteAnother Colour variation
Neo ModelsRedThe second release of a Ready Built Model of a 404
Neo ModelsDark BlueA Ready Built limited edition of 300 Neo 45683
Neo ModelsMetallic GreenThe third release of a Ready Built model Neo 45681


TW Collectionsunpainted Drophead x 2Rare White metal kit No. 235
Neo ModelsMaroonFirst Colour Release RHD 45490
Neo ModelsGreySecond Colour Release LHD 45491
Neo ModelsDark GreenThird Colour Release RHD 45492
LansdowneMetallic BlueThe first 405 from Lansdowne
Lansdowne/J. Roberts ModifiedCreamA Colour Variation by John Roberts
Lansdowne/J. Roberts ModifiedSea GreenA one-off Drophead Conversion by John Roberts
Lansdowne / John Roberts ModifiedMetallic Light BlueA special one-off John Robert Conversion with opening doors, Bonnet & Boot
Matrix ModelsDark BlueAbbot Bodied Drophead
Lansdowne ModelsMaroonA very rare pre-production Model
Lansdowne ModelsLight BlueA very rare Pre-production Model


Unknown3 Colours known - Blue/Cream/GreyWas apparently a Kellogs giveaway
Spot-onThe complete RangeMade in a range of five colours
Spot-onBlue1/42 Appear on EBAY from time to time
Spot-onGreen1/42 Appear on EBAY from time to time
Spot-on *Red1/42 Appear on EBAY from time to time
Spot-on *Yellow1/42 Appear on EBAY from time to time
Spot-onGrey1/42 Appear on EBAY from time to time
ReplicarsSilverA later copy of Triang Spot-on
ReplicarsRedA later copy of Triang Spot-on
ReplicarsNavy BlueA repainted later copy of Triang Spot-on
Rialto ModelsRedSupplied as a Kit or ready built
Rialto ModelsGrey (one-off colour variation)Supplied as a Kit or ready built
406 Rialto ModelsYellow - colour variationSupplied as a Kit or ready built
Rialto ModelsRedSupplied as a Kit or ready built
406 2+2 Rialto ModelsGreen - colour variationSupplied as a Kit or ready built
406 2+2 Rialto ModelsGrey - colour variationSupplied as a Kit or ready built
406 2+2 Rialto ModelsRed - colour variationSupplied as a Kit or ready built
Lansdowne ModelsLight BlueReady built model
* Lansdowne ModelsMaroonReady built model
Lansdowne Models / John Roberts ModifiedMaroonA one-off colour repaint
Lansdowne Models / John Roberts ModifiedMid BlueA 406 Convertible - Never actually built by Bristol Cars
Lansdowne Models / John Roberts ModifiedRedA 406 Convertible - Never actually built by Bristol Cars
Lansdowne Models / John Roberts ModifiedBronzeA 406 with open Sunroof


Brooklin/LansdowneWhiteReady Built model


Lansdowne ModelsDark Blue1972 411 Series ll Ready Built Model No. LDM 80
Lansdowne ModelsMaroon1973 Series 111 Ready Built No. LDM 85
Lansdowne Models - SpecialDark Maroon1973 Series 111 Ready Built No. LDM 85x 105 only built
Lansdowne / John Roberts ModifiedBlack1973 411 Series 111 Estate - Never actually Built by Bristol Cars.
Lansdowne / John Robert ModifiedTurquoise1973 411 Series 111 Drophead - Never actually Built by Bristol Cars.


Bizarre Models - No.37 1953BRGLe Mans 1953 drivers Lance Macklin - Graham Whitehead
Bizarre Models - No.38 1953BRGLe Mans 1953 drivers Tommy Wisdom - Jack Fairman
Bizarre Models - No.33 1954BRGLe Mans 1954 8th Tommy Wisdom - Jack Fairman
Bizarre Models - No.34 1954BRGLe Mans 1954 9th Michael Keen - Tommy Line
Bizarre Models - No.35 1954BRGLe Mans 1954 7th overall and 1st in Class, Peter Wilson - Jim Mayers
Bizarre Models - No.32 1955BRGLe Mans 1955 7th overall and 1st in class, Peter Wilson - Jim Mayers
Bizarre Models - No.33 1955BRGLe Mans 1955 8th Michael Keen - Tommy Line
Bizarre Models - No.34 1955BRGLe Mans 1955 9th Tommy Wisdom - Jack Fairman
MPH ModelsLight GreenHand built Le Mans 1954 No. 35 - 7th Overall and 1st in Class, Peter Wilson - Jim Mayers
MPH ModelsLight GreenHand built Le Mans 1955 No. 34 - 9th overall and 3rd in class, Tommy Wisdom - Jack Fairman
MMK Models 1/32 ScaleBRGScalextric style slot car No. 37 White Roof Model - 250 made
MMK Models 1/32 Scale *BRGScalextric style slot car No. 35 (250 made ?)
BUM Slot ModelsBRG1/32 scale Scalextric slot car - 300 made - 1954 Wisdom/Fairman 8th Le Mans
AGM ModelsBRGCar No. 33 - Nothing is known about AGM Models
Sun ModelsBRGNothing is known about Sun Models
Dinky ToysBRGA 1950's Dinky model No. 163
V. de C. ReplicasNone1955 Le Mans White metal Kit
Provence MoulageNoneSupplied as a plastic kit
Provence MoulageNoneSupplied as a plastic kit
Provence MoulageBRGBuilt from a kit
Provence MoulageBRG with White RoofBuilt from a kit
Provence MoulageMid GreenBuilt from a kit
Provence MoulageLight Green450c No. 34 Built from a kit
LM ReplicasBRG450c o.32 Built from a kit
TW Collections *Unpainted450 Spyder White Metal Kit No. 242
JOHN DAY L.M.REPLICAS Unpainted450 Spyder White Metal Kit
Jeff LuffGreenBristol 450 in large 1:12 scale


Dinky ToysBRGA 1950's Dinky Model N0. 23g / 233g
Charbens ModelBRG1955 - 1962
Crescent ModelsLight BlueA 1950's model
CopyCat ModelsLight BlueSeems to be a later copy of the Crescent?
More & Stone ModelsBlueA 1950's Esso "Giveaway"
Budgie ToysLight BlueA copy like Matchbox 1-75 series type
John Haynes Collection / Replicars ? *GreenLooks Like a Replicars rebrand - see later Cooper Replicars
Historic ReplicarsApple GreenA cooper Bristol MKII
ReplicarsGreyAn apparent later copy of other Cooper Bristols
Circuit SeriesNoneWhite Metal Kit - Nothing is known of Circuit Series
Modelos 3J *BRGNothing is known of this Portugese maker
K & R ReplicasBRGSupplied in kit or finished form
K & R ReplicasBRGBritish GP 1952 G. Wharton - kit or finished form
K & R ReplicasBRGBelgian GP 1952 M. Hawthorn - kit or finished form
K & R ReplicasBRGLavant Cup 1952 M. Hawthorn - kit or finished form
ASC RacingMaroonTony Crook Mk2 1954 - 20 only made
ASC RacingBRGType T20 Empire Trophy Race 1953 Alan Brown - 20 only made
RAE ModelsLight Greena 1/72 Scale model from RAE
Louis MarxGreenMade in Hong Kong
Unknown make - Hong Kong? *YellowProbably Hong Kong
Unknown make - Hong Kong?BlueProbably Hong Kong
Unknown make - Hong Kong?GreenProbably Hong Kong - Possibly Eschelle?
Unknown make - Hong Kong?RedProbably Hong Kong?
Unknown Make - Hong Kong? *GreenA water pistol - Probably Hong Kong
Tomte Laerdal - NorwayYellowA plastic model produced in 4 colours largers scale than 1/43
ProbuildBritish Racing GreenA hanbuilt 1/32 Scalextric type slot car model
No. 9 Hawthorn 1952 British GP
ProbuildBritish Racing GreenA hanbuilt 1/32 Scalextric type slot car model
No. 8 Hawthorn 1952 Belgian GP
Jeff LuffGreenCooper Bristol in large 1:12 scale
Tomte Laerdal - NorwayYellowA plastic model produced in 4 colours largers scale than 1/43


MikanSue ModelsWhite MetalWhite metal Roadster kit No. 15
TW CollectionsWhite MetalWhite metal Coupe kit No. 83
TW Collections - SportsRedAssembled & Painted White metal kit No. 81
TW Collections - CoupeSilverAssembled & Painted White metal kit No. 83
No MakeBlueA one-off scratch made model from Japan
No MakeGreymade from an unknown kit but modified possibly TW
Matrix ModelsWhite with Blue centre stripeThe first production Arnolt model 1955 - Limited run of 408


Probably too many for me to collect all
Mimodels (Resin - France)Light GreenAC ACE Le Mans 1957 10th Peter Bolton/Ken Rudd - Kit or complete
Mimodels (Resin - France)RedAC ACE Le Mans 1958 9th Hubert Pathey/George Berger- Kit or complete
Automany *UnpaintedAC Bristol Le Mans No. 31 1957 - Kit to be Green
AutomanyUnpaintedAC Bristol Le Mans No. 27 1958 - Kit to be Red
Automany *UnpaintedAC Bristol Le Mans No. 29 1959 - Kit to be Green
Provence MoulageGreenAC ACE 7th Le Mans 1959 - supplied as a plastic Kit
TW Collections *Unpainted1958 AC Bristol Le Mans White Metal Kit No. 15
Racing Models/Pinko - Italian ImportGreenAC ACE Le Mans Spyder 1958 Richard "Dickie" Stoop/Peter Bolton 8th place Ready Built
Renaissance Models (France)SilverAC ACE Le Mans 1960 - supplied as a Kit or ready built
Renaissance Models (France)SilverAC ACE Le Mans 1962 - supplied as a Kit or ready built
Renaissance Models (France) *Two Tone BlueAC ACE Le Mans 1961 Car 28 - supplied as a Kit or ready built
Renaissance Models (France) *Two Tone Sliver & RedAC ACE Le Mans 1961 Car 29 - supplied as a Kit or ready built
Neo Models *Dark GreenAC ACE 1955 ready built No.45005
Neo Models *Metallic GreyAC ACE Spyder 1955 ready built No.45006
Neo Models *RedAC ACE 1955 ready built
Neo Models *GreenAC Greyhound 1959 ready built
Neo Models *Dark BlueAC ACE 1959 ready built No.45016
Dinky Toys No. 167Two ToneAC ACECA COUPE in several shade variations
Norev Models *BlackAC ACECA 1957 ready built
Atlas EditionsMid/Light BlueAC ACECA Complete Assembled Model
TW Collections *Unpainted1958 AC ACECA White Metal Kit No. 219
TW Collections *MetalAC ACECA COUPE 1956 supplied as a kit
MikansueNoneAC Ace Kit No. 11 - 1958 Le Mans no. 28 8th in race, 2nd in 2 litre class.
Premier Car Collection (Japan)BRGAC ACE Bristol 1957 1/64th Scale
Conquest Models *RedAC Greyhound 1960 - Nothing is known of Conquest
Kenna ModelsRedAC Greyhound 1959 - limited edition of 400 models
Kenna ModelsBlueAC Greyhound 1959 - limited edition of 400 models
Kenna ModelsGreenAC Greyhound 1959 - limited edition of 400 models


TW Collections - Bristol WarrierunpaintedRare White metal kit No. 135
TW Collections - Lister Bristol x 2unpaintedRare White metal kit No. 40
By Tony SmithLister Bristol Green/YellowGoodwood 1954 Stirling Moss 2nd to Salvadori's Maserati Ready Built
AK ModelsRed"Present Day" Historic Tojeiro Bristol 1953


BizarreBritish Racing GreenLe Mans 1950 No. 30 Mathieson & Stoop
BizarreBritish Racing GreenLe Mans 1951 No. 34 Stoop & Wilson
BizarreBritish Racing GreenLe Mans 1952 No. 41 Mathieson & Stoop
BizarreBritish Racing GreenLe Mans No. 35 Sebring 1955 Becquart & Stoop
BizarreBritish Racing GreenLe Mans No. 36 Sebring 1955 Vard & Odium
BizarreBritish Racing GreenLe Mans No. 23 Sebring 1956 Tavano & Meyrat
BizarreBritish Racing GreenLe Mans No. 24 Sebring 1957 Jopp & Stoop


A Portuguese small quantity maker of handbuilt models, of whom I have annoyingly lost the details.

Made in Australia, there are many different colour versions of the 401, Metallic Maroon, Metallic Charcoal, Metallic Dark Blue, Metallic Dark Green, Metallic Light Blue, Metallic Light Green, Silver, Gold, Cream, Cherry Red. They will also paint models to order so that Bristol owners can have the same colour as their own car. In addition to the 401 there is a 404 and at the time of writing both a 402 and 405 are on the drawing board. NOTE: Bristols may not be shown on the website but they do have stock, so email for details. Their website is currently being upgraded but owner John Halcrow can be emailed direct.

Bizarre Models are made in Japan and they produce 8 different 450's. Some are just different racing number decals to represent cars driven at Le Mans by different pairs of drivers. The 450's are listed with pictures in the Le mans section of their website. Bizarre also produced a range of Bristol Engined Frazer Nash Models, which are also listed on their website.

The first Budgie models were introduced in the early 1960s. The manufacturer was based in London and made diecast models in 1/43rd scale and smaller. These models were rather simple, for instance they had no interior detail. Some of the models were made until the 1980s: a 1/43rd scale London taxi, a 1/55th scale Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and a 1/76th scale AEC Routemaster double decker which was also sold in large numbers at London souvenir shops. Until 1966, the Budgie range was owned by Morestone Models, later by a company called H. Seener Ltd. After 1985 Seener continued to produce the models in slightly altered form under the "Seerol" name until the late 1990s.

BUM Slot (Barcelona Universal Models)
Was started in November 1993 as a distributor of military and fantasy lead made scale models. In April 1994 they added the distribution in Spain of the English slot car company MRRC. In 1995 they started their own line of slot cars with a metallic chassis and resin body. The first one was the awesome Mercedes 196 S (1954), and it was followed by the Lancia D50 and the 1937 Auto Union (record hunter), all of them had never been done before. It is in the owner tradition to do things in the right way, he has been four times European champion plus other important results during his long slot car racer life (he started in 1977) and was the founder of U.E.S. (Union Europea Slot) until his retirement in 1985. In Sport- Prototypes, Porsche 90813 and Alfa Romeo 33T3, from the beginning of the 70´s, Jaguar D winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955, Matra 670c , and the first own plastic injection the WOLF WR-1. BUMSLOT only builds a limited number of cars of every model, 300 each of every decoration and this is certified. So, if you buy any of these wonderful cars, you will be part of the very exclusive group of BUM slot cars owners.

Continuing with the new introductions in the 1955 catalogue, numbers 32 to 34 were three racing cars which are some of the most sought after Charbens models. They were all copies of contemporary Dinky Toys (even including their colour schemes) but were unusual in being hollow cast in lead. This made them an extraordinary anachronism in 1955, harking back to the toys of twenty years earlier. Charbens had embraced diecasting with open arms in 1946, and had re-tooled many of their pre-war lead toys to use the new technique - so why did they choose to go back to the antiquated hollow cast method for these three toys? Perhaps recent memories of the zinc ban made them nervous of having all their eggs in one basket, or perhaps their diecasting capacity was fully used with the new Old Crocks series so that lead production was a way of getting more new toys onto the market. Anyhow, the racing cars are nicely made, even though they are not original designs, and are very hard to find now. In the 1962 catalogue they were also offered in a "Grand Prix Set", containing four cars and six mechanics. Each car had number transfers (different numbers can be found) and the drivers had white overalls. Wheels were solid rubber, of a type found on some other Charbens items, but also on some of the Lone Star Modern Army series - useful to know if your racing car lacks a wheel or two, since scrap examples of the Modern Army series are reasonably easy to find and cheap. The rubber wheels were obviously bought in by Charbens from a contract supplier. All three models had CHARBENS & CO MADE IN ENGLAND cast underneath.

The couple behind the Cheshire Models make appear to have emigrated to Australia in the early 1990's. Nothing is known of any other models they may have made.

Conquest Models were manufactured by SMTS for Henk van Asten of Holland who traded as you say under the name of Daimler House. The master for the Greyhound was made by Pete Kenna who has bought it back and is now making Greyhounds under his own name. Conquest Models were manufactured by SMTS for Henk van Asten of Holland who traded under the name of Fa. Daimler House of Holland. They are slightly lighter than the Brooklin 1957 but have better detail and are possibly amongst the best 1:43 1957 model ever produced. The master for the Greyhound was made by Pete Kenna who bought it back and is now making Greyhounds under his own name.

Dinky Toys were diecast model cars in about 1/43rd scale made by the well-known Meccano toy company in Liverpool (England) and Bobigny (France) from 1934. In the course of the decades the level of detail of these models, which were originally intended as accessories for model railways, became better and better. Production in France ceased in 1973, but several French models were produced in Spain for some years more. The English branch had to close down in 1981. In the 1980s Matchbox bought the rights the use the name of "Dinky" and made a range of 1/43rd collectible scale models of classic cars from the 1940s to the 1960s under this name from 1988 to the mid-1990s, the "Dinky Collection".


Pete Kenna makes a variety of highly detailed hand-built White metal or Resin models in 1/43 scale. His website is Kenna Models

K&R Replicas produce 4 different Cooper Bristols.

A series of 1/43rd scale white metal models of British cars from the 1930s to the 1970s has been released in the Lansdowne range, made by Brooklin Models, since 1993. Brooklin Models was founded in Canada in 1974, but is now based in Bath (England) and has become a leading manufacturer of 1/43rd scale handbuilt modelcars. The Brooklin main range, existing since the 1970s, consists of models of classic American cars, but in the course of time several other series have been introduced, besides Lansdowne e.g. Robeddie (Swedish cars) or U.S. Model Mint. The models are carefully hand-finished, and the average production run for a model over a five year period rarely exceeds 3000 units. Website and complete gallery Brooklin/Lansdowne Models

Mikansue white metal kits appeared in 1973 and ran up to 1989 and were produced by Mike & Sue Richardson. Little is known about MIKANSUE
but they produced 154 model kits over their 16 year span, including some rare models.

MMK are a small French company specialising in a top class range of hand-built resin models of classic Le Mans cars, in ready-to-run and kit form. RTR cars are produced under the names MMK, SlotFrance, and Hors. All cars are limited to between 200 and 300 units only. All are hand made rare cars. The TKP range of kits are available as very well cast pre-painted bodykits or as Complete kits with all running gear needed to get them on track! I can't find a relevant website but World Classics had a stock in May 2008 - worldclassics

Budgie Toys have a bit of a tangled history, since these diecasts are firmly linked to the Morestone name; other allied references are Modern Products, Mobile Vehicle and ESSO. The background to Budgie is straightforward enough, though, with Messrs Morris and Stone forming an eponymous company and dealing in the distribution of toys. Time passed and the pair deemed it desirable to market their own line: for this they enlisted the help of Modern Products.

This production was duly added to under the (confusing) name of ESSO: the gimmick here, rather like Benbros with its little television set shaped boxes, was that of petrol pump packaging. Two scales were made, one in 1:72 to get into the Dublo, Lone*Star and Matchbox market whilst a bigger scale was also marketed to retail lorries and trucks.

Budgie Toys finally appeared in 1959 and the earliest models were cunningly enough simply re-issues of Morestone /Modern Products stock. A coupe of years later Morestone was bought out by Guiterman; this company itself went under in the mid-sixties but fortunately Modern Products soldiered on with the Budgie brand. Concurrently, souvenirs were manufactured for London outlets, which helped buoy sales. When Modern Products finally bit the dust in 1983, a company called Starcourt continued production of the tourist souvenirs and saw to it that the Budgie name did not quite die out.

Today’s notable Budgie models are not unsurprisingly connected with London and you’ll find taxi-cabs, buses and coaches. The range was not extensive, encompassing as it did the more workaday road vehicles, but there’s still enough for the collector. Cars are few and far between, though, but there is a racing Mercedes out there, not to mention the famous Supercar model.

About MPH Models - MPH Models was named after Tim Dyke's beloved Riley MPH, which he owned from the early seventies to the late eighties. Tim started modelling in his teenage years, greatly encouraged by a father and elder brother, Tony, who were both excellent craftsmen in this field. MPH Models, founded in 1987 by Tim Dyke, a chartered accountant and long time enthusiastic competitor in Motor Sport, ran until 2006.
Its special theme was Le Mans, from 1949 to 1965. Its aim was to offer very detailed and accurate models, in 1/43rd scale, of the significant and interesting cars that ran in the 24 hour race, in editions of 20 originally, and later in editions of 25 examples. 63 subjects were covered, 58 from Le Mans, 3 road cars, 1 from both the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio. 24 marques were featured, and all the years between 1949 (the first post war race) and 1965 carried a representative. The odd man out was from 1938, the fantastic Alfa Romeo 2900B - no apologies, it had to be done!
Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1964, Tim spent some time in the profession, including a year in Jamaica, before joining the Pottery Industry in Stoke on Trent, running two companies, and as Marketing Director of another, before tiring of the rat race at the grand old age of 47. At this stage in his life he found again his old enthusiasm for model cars, and decided to turn his long-held hobby into a business. His brother, Tony, had recently retired from the family business and joined him, insisting he be referred to as "apprentice!", despite having taught his younger brother most of what he knew in the field of models.
The discovery of white metal kits offering subjects one would never have seen in the world of Dinky and Corgi toys, re-ignited the enthusiasm, with the only downside being the difficulty of working with the dreaded white metal, being easily distorted and invariably having difficult-to-erase surface imperfections. As soon as polyurethane resin, a vastly superior material, made its entry into the model car world, Tim saw an opportunity to create a business.
Plenty of people were covering different areas , but no one seemed to specialise in the immediate post war years at Le Mans, a period that had helped to initiate his appetite for Motor Sport, along with navigating for his brother Tony in Rallies from an early age. At first the policy was to build to a good standard, looking for potential improvements to readily accessible kits by utilising add-on parts availble in the market.
What started out as a better steering wheel here, painted wheel spokes there, a more delicate gear lever, an open window or two, graduated into a pretty serious undertaking, where meticulous research would lead to the incorporation of every visible detail, but with the doors and bonnet tight shut - he leaves that to his good friend Steve Barnett. Tim retired from MPH in 2006, but from time to time customers ask him to find a new home for some of their models, please see "For sale" gallery on the website.

MPH is the brand of Tim Dyke, Hookgate Cottage, Hookgate, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 4QD, England. He started as a kit builder But before he started he did an enormous resarch job behind each model to get everything correct. That meant he made 40-50 changes to the original kit including decals and even making new body castings for some of the models. He used to make 25 models of each car model. He also made at least two kits for sale in his own range. In his range was the 3 Provence Moulage Bristol 450s and some AC Bristols from different kit manufacturers.

Very well finished resincast models. Mostly road cars, though with a few interesting competition subjects. Rapidly establishing themselves
as one of the best ranges we see in terms of quality and value for money. Made in China.

PATHFINDER was set up by Jeff and Sue Sharrock.
They were based in a village near Chester and the range comprised British cars from the 50s and 60s. At first sales were not too good and so the decision was made to make the models as limited editions, usually 600 at a time in two colours. The convertibles usually came with top up or top down - 300 of each. Towards the end of production the 600 number dropped quite a lot. Pete Kenna made some, but not all masters. Others were made by Ian Pickering. They also produce models for other companies such as G.W Engineering and Minicar 43.
Eventually the range was stopped due mainly to Jeff's ill-health. Today mint, certificated and boxed examples are highly prized and some command high prices. Others are cheaper and often were less prized when new - there's no logic as to what is expensive and what isn't...they're all nice. GW Engineering versions came in plain boxes and were produced in smaller numbers. They were modifications of the basic range. Pathfinder also made a few European cars which never sold well and don't sell well now - Renault Dauphine, Borgward Isabella TS Coupe and Facel Vega. Others were made for Minicar 43, mainly Fords, and the Ford Cortina 1600E is particularly pricey if you can find one. These were usually made in two colours, one with left hand drive the other with right hand drive.

Whilst this 1/64th Japanese model is listed under the name Premier Car Collection, it has been listed on EBAY under other names such as "YOU MODELLINI". It was apparently produced for sale in stores like 7 - 11.

Reasonably well finished low cost resin hand builts. Shapes usually good, paint finishes can be a little heavy but generally speaking improving all the time. Made in Italy.

Provence Moulage, like too many model manufacturers, are no longer in business. They manufactured in resin, OK it's plastic but has a different implication when discussing model cars! A lot of their masters went to Norev but most of the racing ones have been taken on by one of the very small French manufacturers but I can't remember who at the moment. The website does not appear to be a relevant website? An unnamed source has suggested that the moulds etc may have been bought by Bizarre Models and as such are now produced in metal as finished items instead of plastic kits.

Renaissance models are made in France and come as either a kit or a complete built model. Website

Rialto models are based in Holland and owned by model maker Jan Miedema. Jan's latest Bristol Model is the 406 Zagato 2+2.

John Haynes was an early manufacturer of white metal models under the Replicars range. He produced some beautiful early '50's Ferraris amongst other things. His masters were taken over by K&R Replicas.

John Roberts custom-built models cars are all 1/43 scale and based on existing handbuilt white metal models. He mainly works with Brooklin, Lansdowne, Robeddie, Somerville and Kenna. He has also carried out conversion and restoration work on Pathfinder, Crossway, and K&R. His model conversions are officially acknowledged by Brooklin ,Somerville, Western Models and Durham Classics. He accepts commissions for one-off conversions and also produce small runs of special models. In the past he has made small production runs of British cars. The Hillman Californian, Zephyr station wagon and Austin A95 Countryman were all made to order but are no longer available. Examples of these models are shown in his gallery, which is divided into American makes, British and European cars and commercials, including emergency service vehicles. John Robert Custom Built Model Cars.

Sun Motor is a brand made by Roderick Ward, Leeds , England. He is still in business marketing different brands as Bugattiana, Bijou and Rapide. He is probably more known as editor of "Model Auto Review", a magazine presenting model cars in all scales. The Bristol 450 1954 was probably made in 1980's. When Provence Moulage later issued their model of the same car, it is suspected that they copied Sun Model, as both have the same faults!

The company was started in 1940 by Aasmund Sigurd Laerdal in Stavanger, Norway. Originally a small publishing house, it specialized in greetings cards
and children's books. By 1943, the company had expanded into the manufacturing of wooden toys under the name Smavare Industry. In 1951, the company began manufacturing realistic play dolls and "furniture friendly" toy cars under the name Tomte Laerdal. These were similar in concept
to cars made by the Auburn Rubber Company in the United States or Galanite of Sweden, though the Swedish products were sometimes almost promotional in detail.
The first series included an Opel, a Volkswagen, and a Mercedes 190 roadster, which are quite collectible today. Other models included a Studebaker pickup,
a Renault Floride sports car, a Volkswagen transporter pickup and others.

In many cases, like the 1960 Chevrolet El Camino, the Tomte toys seem to have been recycled dies previously created by Corgi Toys and Dinky Toys for their 1:43 scale
diecast metal vehicles produced in the 1960s in Great Britain. The Tomte's, however, were cast in rubber. Many models and scales were produced, but three to four inch
vehicles were the most common. Alternatively, Tomte Laerdal toys were at times marketed in different countries under different names. Around 1968, a company called
Creative Playthings from Priceton, New Jersey, marketed Tomte cars (apparently unchanged) simply as 'Mini-Cars' (Citroen DS 2007-2012). Tomte rubber cars were very popular.
Over 100 million were sold in over 110 countries. They were produced through 1978.

A gentleman named Trevor Wright retired and cast these gems as a hobby in small quantities. Although the kits are not perhaps up to today’s fine art models, he produced some rare and unusual vehicles. Apparently not remade since these kits were new in the 80's / 90's (?). It is understood that some of his moulds came
from Mikansue after they stopped production.

AGM Models
Cheshire Models
Circuit Series
Merlyn Models
RAE Models

Die-cast toys and models come in various scales, the most popular ones being:-
1:12 scale - Very large models usually about 14 or 15 inches long often targeted at adults who are more into serious collecting and high detail. These models are generally much more expensive than the 1:18 models.
1:18 scale - Large models usually about 7 or 8 inches long, often targeted at adults.
1:24 scale - Similar to G scale Nascar Cars,which are 1:22.5 scale, extremely popular in America.
1:32 scale - Intermediate size most common for vintage cars and model tractors and Scalextric.
1:36 scale - Also made by Maisto, Kinsmart and Welly.
1:43 scale - made popular by Dinky and Corgi, the most popular scale with model car collectors internationally - similar to O scale model trains.
1:48 scale - aircraft sold in this scale to match plastic model kits.
1:50 scale - trucks, buses, construction equipment, promotional models, military vehicles - similar in size to O scale model trains.
1:55 scale - used by Siku and Disney Pixar Cars Die-Cast Line by Mattel.
1:60 scale - the scale of the immensely popular pre-war and post-war military vehicles series by Dinky Toys (including military Dinky Supertoys).
1:64 scale - popular for farm models and American model trucks. Matchbox, Hot Wheels and model Nascar cars are nominally this size.
1:72 scale - A growing scale for military die-cast AFVs.
1:76 scale - highly detailed mainly British buses and lorries such as those by EFE and Corgi OOC - same as OO scale model trains.
1:87 scale - One of the smallest in scale products widely available in the markets. - same as HO scale model trains.